In 1961, bawdy Breezy Blue was the Paula Revere of the Sexual Revolution. Then she disappeared. Was she murdered? Kidnapped? Join us as we attempt to solve a decades-old mystery: What the [Bleep] Happened to Breezy Blue?


February 9, 2020

Episode 6: The Closet

Could a gold-digging gator rassler from Fort Lauderdale hold the key to solving the mystery of Breezy Blue?  After an actual Breezy sighting, there’s only one way to find out.  We travel to the tip of America’s phallus to finally discover What the [Bleep] Happened to Breezy Blue.

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Perhaps no one was more jealous of Breezy Blue’s skyrocketing comedy career than “mild-mannered” Bob Newhart.  We travel to Hollywood to unravel the secrets of one of comedy’s most mysterious feuds.

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Breezy’s association with the Kjorsfjord (otherwise known as the Norwegian mob) got her some swell gigs at swanky Minnesota night clubs. But did her ties to organized crime have anything to do with her mysterious disappearance?  And could those ties extend all the way to … the President of the United States?

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January 19, 2020

Episode 3: Bazoom Brigade

Breezy Blue’s army of followers, the Bazoom Brigade, bought every record, attended every show, and celebrated every salty song.  But Breezy had her share of organized enemies.  Could her disappearance be at the hands of Americans for Wholesomeness?

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January 8, 2020

Episode 2: Sock It To Me

If thirteen years in public broadcasting have taught us anything, it’s that Breezy Blue’s disappearance was no accident. Someone was behind it. And that someone may have been a sock.

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January 3, 2020

Episode 1: Revolutionary

In the early 1960s, bawdy comic Breezy Blue ignited a sexual revolution – then vanished without a trace. Was she murdered? Co-opted by a cult? Abducted by Bob Newhart?  What the [Bleep] Happened to Breezy Blue?

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